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TubeSock 2.0 New Features

What's new? What's changed? Did you fix that bug I told you about? What about the feature I requested? Huh? Speak up, I can't hear you!

Stuff That's New in Two dot Oh

TubeSock 2.0 is now avilable. What's new? Here's the changelist.

  • Conversion queue. Just keep clicking "Save", and a queue will appear and fill with your URLs. Also, you can load the conversion queue from a ".tsbat" file (see below).
  • DailyMotion. Support for video downloads from Where possible, pre-converted videos are pulled from DailyMotion, so there's no need for TubeSock to convert them. And DailyMotion videos look tons better than YouTube.
  • Porkolt: Support for video downloads from This is a lesser-known site, but we received many user requests for it, because in addition to the expected car crashes, humorous TV ads, and idiots injuring themselves, Porkolt features adult videos. Not R-rated softcore, but hostest-to-goodness porno.
    Note: Because you have to be logged in to Porkolt to access adult videos, TubeSock may have trouble grabbing these. Try it and see. First preview an adult video. If that fails, it will show a login screen. Find the login area, and enter your username and password. Then, TubeSock can download them.
  • Conversion progress bar. No more barber pole!
  • Convert FLV. Support for drag-and-drop of FLV files. Drag and FLV into the TubeSock window, and it will convert (or be added to the queue).
  • Page scanner improved. If you enter a URL that isn't YouTube or DailyMotion, the page you entered will be scanned for embedded YouTube, DailyMotion or Porkolt videos.
  • Bookmarklet now automatically saves (or adds to the queue) the video you pick, instead of previewing it. This makes it quick and easy to load up the queue.
  • Batch files. You can create a batch file of URLs. Just make a text file of YouTube, DailyMotion or Porkolt URLs separated by returns. Save it with the file type ".tsbat". When you drag the file onto the TubeSock icon, it will load the URLs into the queue.
  • Support for iPhone!
  • Support for appleTV!
  • Menu item "How do I register?" shows a video that will hopefully will help answer our most popular support question.
  • Bug fixes. The issue where audio-only conversions might report their length as 10x longer than they really are -- fixed. The issue where you could drag and drop into the preview area HTML -- fixed. The issue where, if your registration file was empty TubeSock would crash -- fixed.

New TubeSock for Windows

Along with TubeSock 2.0 for Mac, we're also releasing TubeSock for Windows. It's very similar to TubeSock 1.0 for Mac, including support for auto-adding videos to iTunes.

Free updates for registered users! Got a feature request? Let us know!